Fast and efficient asphalt repair services.

Commercial or Residential Asphalt Pothole Repairs

When potholes do appear on your lot or driveway, and they will eventually appear, address them immediately using our exclusive proprietary product.

Our asphalt pothole patch repair product can be applied in inclement weather, in wet conditions, in high-traffic areas and it lasts far longer than any “cold patch” or “infrared heat patch” will.

Repair potholes quickly AND drive on them in as little as 15 minutes

As long as there is sufficiently compacted sub-grade that our product can be built upon, we can apply it, compact it and warranty the patch repair for 3 years and do it all in a matter of a few short minutes!

Our product can be driven on immediately after we complete the repair, minimizing the interruption of your business traffic to as little as 15 minutes.  It also works on concrete surfaces.

Approved for use by many Departments of Transportation.

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The Advantages of Our Asphalt Repair Service

  • Easy to apply
  • No dangerous chemicals or fumes—no toxic solvents
  • Eco-friendly binder reacts and hardens with only water
  • Pre-mixed and laid directly from its container—no need to mobilize large crews or equipment
  • Sets up fast in as little as 15 minutes in proper conditions
  • Can be applied in sub-freezing temperatures
  • High tensile, flexural and compressive strength
  • Good adhesion to both asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Good long-term durability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low permeability to water and aggressive solutions
  • Minimizes roadway disruption with no need for special preparations
  • Permanent one-time fix
  • Cost effective

Commercial or Residential Hot Mix Asphalt Repair Services

If your Commercial asphalt parking lot, HOA road or personal driveway is deteriorated, cracking, crumbling or completely failing and potholes are appearing and growing, in most cases, we can repair the damage with a hot asphalt repair and give you a brand new look.

With our years of experience in the industry, let us consult you on how we can best address your individual issues. Some may need mill and overlay, while others may be solved with an infrared heat patch.

Keep Your Asphalt Surfaces Safe

No matter the service, we will help you avoid potential civil liabilities, vehicular damage and/or pedestrian injury; and, we will do it in the most cost effective and environmentally-safe manner.  As your parking lot or driveway deteriorates, it becomes more and more dangerous for people to drive on and walk across. Don’t get caught in a liability lawsuit that costs you thousands upon thousands more when you can repair and maintain your asphalt for just a small fraction of that cost!

We offer you fast and efficient asphalt repair options to restore the life of your asphalt and make your surface safe for your clients or family.

Commercial or Residential Hot Mix Asphalt Removal and Replacement

At some point the most cost-effective way to restore the functionality of your asphalt surface is to completely replace it.

The average lifecycle of any asphalt surface in our freeze/thaw climate is about 30 years with proper maintenance. Many parking lots do not make it to the 30 year mark because Owners and Property Managers do not provide the proper on-going maintenance to the asphalt that they should. 

Professional and Experienced Asphalt Removal and Replacement 

We have years of experience, professional and highly skilled people, the proper equipment and the industry know-how to replaceyour asphalt surface. We will remove your existing asphalt, prepare your sub-grade and place a brand new asphalt surface down in a timely manner, minimizing the interruption of your business.  

New asphalt paving will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your business or home, it will also raise the value of your property.

Large or small, we pave it all!  

Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealing Services

Sealing the cracks in your asphalt and the joints between your asphalt and concrete is the very best preventative maintenance service you can provide your asphalt lot.  

Keeping water from penetrating through the asphalt structure into the sub-grade will help prevent deterioration of the compacted sub-grade materials. This prevents the lot from further widening cracks and joints which produces inevitable surface deformation, eventually leading to collapses in the asphalt and results in potholes.

Professionally Applied Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealing

After removing debris from the cracks and any vegetation that has sprouted up from the earth below, proper backfilling of the crack or joint is done and the hot rubberized crack sealant can be applied.

We use a hot rubberized crack sealant. We apply it at the right ratio for thickness and depth, then trowel over to create a bonded patch that prevents water intrusion and its damaging effects.    

If you do any maintenance yearly to your asphalt, it should be crack and joint sealing.

Asphalt Sealcoat Services

What is “sealcoating” and how does it help my asphalt?  

Sealcoat is a finish coat that is placed over an oxidized asphalt surface by both squeegee and spray application in order to minimize ultraviolet and hydraulic damage to the asphalt.

Our Colorado Sun and Water Damages Asphalt

Sealcoating provides a protective coat over the asphalt surface to help keep moisture and damaging sun rays out. The more that water penetrates into the asphalt surface, the more likely damage will occur, especially in freeze/thaw climates like Colorado.  And, like our skin, ultraviolet rays from the sun can dry out the asphaltic oils present in the asphalt.

With a good quality sealcoat application at the right stage in the lifecycle of your asphalt, you will help protect your asphalt surface from damage due to exposure to water and the rays of the sun.

Asphalt Infrared Heat Patching

Many parking lots, driveways and other asphalt surfaces have gotten to a place of disrepair where the asphalt has become cracked like the desert floor.

In the industry, we call this pattern of cracking “alligatoring”, after the appearance of an alligator’s hide, because that is what it looks like!  Sadly, this is a very bad condition for the asphalt to be in. It is a condition that allows a lot of water beneath the asphalt into the base course below and that sub-grade becomes soft and the asphalt crumbles

How Does Asphalt Infrared Heat Patching Work?

Sometimes, when the alligatoring has just begun, it can be addressed using infrared heat patching .  This is simply a reheating of the existing asphalt which loosens the asphalt, allowing it to be raked out, then we add new, hot asphalt to it and re-compact it to create a seamless patch.  This seamless patch is also a good remedy for “ravelling”, oil spots and dips in the surface of the asphalt. 

Asphalt Infrared Heat Patching tends to last for 3-5 years and is a good temporary fix to prolong the life of your asphalt.

Your response time far exceeds any other Contractor we have worked with.

"Your response time far exceeds any other Contractor we have worked with.  Thank you so much for answering our phone call, walking the job, getting a bid to us and fixing our issues in such a short time frame."

K.K., Westminster, CO (Property Manager)

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